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Mission Statement:

This community is dedicated to the fictional character of Amy Pond, as portrayed by the actress Karen Gillan on the BBC show Doctor Who (season 5/32, Christmas special 2010, season 6/33, season7/34).


* doctoreleven -- the first LJ community dedicated to the be-bow-tied, booted, tweed-clad young 'un.

* eleven_amy -- for all your Amy/Eleven shipper needs.

* got_my_boys -- in honour of the Eleven/Amy/Rory Team TARDIS

* mrandmrspond -- dedicated to the boy and girl who waited ♥

* wholockians -- for Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover fans


1. Anyone who is interested in her may join this community and post entries.

2. Please leave your character-bashing, shipping wars, dislike of particular cast / crew members etc. at the door, though.

3. Both meta on the show (e.g. news from the set, interviews, episode reviews, character descriptions...) and creative fanworks (fics, icons, vids...) are welcome here.

4. All spoilers have to be put behind a cut. Learn how to do an LJ-cut here.

5. Fanfiction of all genres (except for RPF) and ratings is welcome here.

5. a. However, please clearly indicate the genre (gen, het, slash, femslash) in the header.

5. b. All stories should have a rating to show what is appropriate for children and teens. Everything even remotely NSFW (not safe for work) should be put behind an LJ-cut and clearly marked as such. This applies to graphics, discussions etc. as well.

5. c. Please make sure to warn for explicit erotic content, graphic violence and all potentially triggering topics (e.g. rape, torture, child abuse, suicide, self harm...).

6. All stories longer than a drabble, huge graphics and batches of more than three icons should go behind a cut to have mercy on any dial-up people perusing this community.

7. While news on Karen Gillan and similar updates about the cast are perfectly fine, this is not the place for RPF.

8. Behave nicely. Don't engage in flaming, trolling or throwing around personal insults.

9. Don't discriminate against anyone due to their gender, sexuality, race, nationality, ethnicity, culture, religion, age, class, appearance, weight, disabilities or illnesses.

10. Have fun.

P.S. If you should have any questions, please contact me (fallingtowers) via private message. Thanks.
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